Lowering high CPU rates?

David Coker davidocoker at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 11:21:06 EDT 2008

Hey folks,
Looks like I've found a way to tame the tiger!

Using a combination of visual feedback in the way of changing the
cursor to "watch", a status area to display progress and selective use
of wait statements, this little bugger is now as responsive and well
mannered as anything that runs on the machine. CPU rate is down below
50% even for the largest data thrown at it. The sacrifice here is in
the overall processing time, but it's still very acceptable now that
other work can be done during processing.

Once I have had time to play with the routines and methods a little
more, I'll try to put together a sample stack showing different ways
to accomplish this. Might help the next guy running into similar
difficulties. :)

Again, thank you all very much for the feedback and assistance!

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