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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Mar 16 11:06:27 EDT 2008

Peter Alcibiades wrote:

> You make a standalone with a splash stack that just fires up the main one, so 
> as to be able to save changes to the main one.
> There are two stacks in the folder, splash, the executable, and let say 
> main.rev.
> Why is it that when you make and save changes in main.rev from the ide, they 
> do not show up when you start main from the splash stack?

First, verify that the changes are indeed saved:  quit the IDE, then 
re-launch, then open the stack again.

If the changes that were saved are still evident, clearly we can rule 
out problems on that side of things, and focus on the standalone:

Did you quit the standalone before checking the changes?  If not, it may 
be possible that what you were seeing was a copy from memory, not fresh 
from disk.

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