Learn Programming in 1 Day

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Sat Mar 15 19:24:05 EDT 2008

I'm all for: "Learn Programming in 1 Day"

As a captivating headline, I'd say it's doing it's job just fine.
Witness the results.
Good job Bill!

Years ago I attended an incredible PR and marketing seminar. And for a
rather hefty fee, they shared some secrets of creating compelling
headlines..one's which are proven to work. One of them was called 'The
Bold Claim,' and I'd say Heather, Bill and RunRev have done just that.

Certainly, from one perspective or another, you can argue for or
against...but I GUARANTEE you a headline like:

'Full day of Rev training for beginners'

wouldn't have garnered near this amount of discussion. And in the
business of PR and Marketing, as we all know, creating a buzz is a
good thing. I mean the whole "Thinnest laptop in the world" by Apple,
while not true, sure get's folks talking!


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