Learn Guitar in 1 Day

jbv jbv.silences at club-internet.fr
Sat Mar 15 15:27:57 EDT 2008

Bill Marriott a *crit :

> The members of this segment are "casual programmers" for whom coding is not
> a primary job responsibility. They are enterpreneurs, consultants, managers,
> teachers, scientists, and creative people. Nevertheless they recognize the
> value of being able to streamline business processes, integrate disparate
> business systems, create multimedia software etc. They are curious about
> technology, and aspire to have greater control over their computers.
> We know exactly what percentage of our users fall into these groups, as well
> as how many are professional programmers developing commercial applications.

<nasty mode on>

OK then, I guess you guys know exactly what you're doing by promoting
Rev  to "casual programmers" as a quick & easy way to build databases

Tomorrow I'll attend a conference named "Learn guitar in 1 day" and I'll be
to end up knowing 3 chords, enough to play a few Ramones songs with closed
friends at the local ballroom once in a while...

<nasty mode off>

Have a nice week-end,

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