Learn Programming in 1 Day

jbv jbv.silences at club-internet.fr
Sat Mar 15 12:36:14 EDT 2008

actually we understand it too well : like a headline or advertising, it
deals with the positionning of a product among the community of
experienced users and newbies as well...  And like an ad that misses
its target, it might keep newbies away (because they'll realize it's still
about programming) and will confort experienced programmers in
their view of Rev as a cheap toy for beginners (just like "plug & play"
kept legions of ppl away from the Mac for years).
It probably worked for you coz you're already convinced of the
advantages of using Rev...


> Enough.  This is advertising, guys.  Like a headline, it is meant to
> catch your eye and get you to read on.  There's nothing sinister (or
> insulting) at all about it.  And, in fact, it did exactly what it was
> designed to do, at least in my case.
> Do you guys get this hot and bothered about books that tell you you
> will learn to program in C in 24 hours (Sam's guides, if memory
> serves)?  Of course not.

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