hardware 3D in Rev

Colin Holgate coiin at rcn.com
Fri Mar 14 16:10:57 EDT 2008

Now that I've found the RevBrowser example, I tried making a change 
to the launch button:

     --set the altHomeURL of stack "InetBrowser" to "http://www.runrev.com"
     set the altHomeURL of stack "InetBrowser" to 

If your machine has shockwave running on it you should get to see 
some hardware 3D in action. Read the instructions on the first screen 
to see how to make planets and how to fly around, then click to go 
onto the screen with the 3D in it. If you see a security dialog, just 
click the first Allow option.

I suspect this may not work out well on Intel Macs for now, unless 
Rev is set to use Rosetta.

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