Calling all Newbies (and gurus)

David Coker davidocoker at
Fri Mar 14 11:34:05 EDT 2008

On Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 8:26 AM, Heather Nagey <heather at> wrote:
>  You can now buy this day as a one day training course, even if you
>  can't make the rest of the conference.
>  You long-standing list members and Revolution Gurus, keep reading,
>  this day is for you too! We're running Open Kitchen sessions all day,
>  with all the conference presenters and staff members we can round up
>  and lock in a room, so that they can help you with one on one
>  expertise and hands on demonstrations of how to figure out that
>  obscure bit of coding that's been bugging you.
>  Just a heads up. This is your conference, arranged for your benefit,
>  so if you've been binning the promos and ignoring the newsletter
>  articles, give it one more look and ask yourself, can I afford to
>  miss this? Instead of writing to support or this list with your
>  technical bafflements, get real life instruction from the experts.
>  Ask anyone on this list who has been to a conference before, whether
>  it was worth the money, time and effort. Email is great, the Internet
>  is wonderful, books and tutorials are indispensable, but there is
>  nothing beats real interaction with real people.
>  Hope to see you there!
>  Warm Regards,
>  Heather
>  Heather Nagey
>  Customer Services Manager
>  Runtime Revolution Ltd
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Hello Heather,
I could certainly use some professional quality training and badly
need an upgrade from Rev Studio 2.5.1, so I've had my eye on the
conference, since the "goodie bag" with a new version of Studio would
help considerably... unfortunately, the date of the conference is
during our busiest time of the year here in our office.

...I don't suppose the "goodie bag" applies to the pre-conference event does it?


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