Multiple Stacks Active at Same Time

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You're in control. Just lock and unlock the screen at points where you  
want the user to see an updated version of the situation. At least  
that's how I'd do it using HC and I've heard that the save technique  
works with RR.

Joe Wilkins

On Mar 14, 2008, at 5:32 AM, Steven Axtell wrote:

> Is it possible to make two or more stacks active at the same time?   
> I am building an app in which "pressing" certain buttons in the main  
> stack causes a substack to open.   With the substack active, further  
> "pressing" of similar buttons in the mainstack causes the mainstack  
> to quickly become active and then inactive.  Likewise, the substack  
> quickly becomes inactive and then active.  It is slightly annoying  
> when that happens (window border/title bar quickly going from active  
> to inactive or vice versa).
> Thanks,
> Steven Axtell
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