Revbrowser and copy command

Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Mar 14 05:54:05 EDT 2008

Bonjour Ludovic.

> Hello,
> I want to copy, by script, some text from a web page in revbrowser  
> (this text is automatically selected by the web page).
> If i do manually a Edit/Copy, it's work, but if a use the script
> on mouseup
>   copy
>   put the clipboarddata
> end mouseup
> it doesn't work.
> What's wrong ?

RevBrowser is a special kind of beast and needs special treatment :-)

Not tested, but this should be doable with something like this:
put revBrowserGet(tBrowserId, "selected") into CurrentlySelectedText
set the clipboarddata["text"] to CurrentlySelectedText

Check the entry for "revBrowserGet -> selected" in the docs.

> Thanks.

A votre service monsieur :-)

Best from germany

Klaus Major
klaus at

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