[OT] "They Criticized Vista. And They Should Know."

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Wed Mar 12 22:53:33 EDT 2008

No kidding. The simple fact is, it's an inferior product at this time. WinXP
takes less memory, and generally work much faster.

One of the issues as I see it is MS took what...5 years to release this,
compared to Apple's regular release around every 2 years? Compound it with
the contradiction Apple *generally* releases an OS focused on helping the
Consumer get work done, while Vista (other than it's eye candy interface),
provides little if any incentive for folks like me to want to upgrade. And
it's typically those on the cutting edge AND NOT THE BLEEDING EDGE that tend
to help migrate others.

I find Apple always has some nice 'gotta have right now' features for each
upgrade---Vista, IMO, has none.

The simple fact is, there is ZERO compelling reason for the average user to
want to upgrade. Period. That's pretty sorry for five plus years in

With regard to Office, it's not the OS, but a completely different
interface. So instead of evolutionary, it's revolutionary. And, IMO, while
some things are better, some others are worse-- evidenced the the fact most
everyone I know of complain when first using it. We've already had
discussions here on the list regarding 'ribbons' and whether or not people
like them. In any case, we'll have to wait and see.

Frankly, I'm a big Google Docs user. I can get most of what I need from
their suite of office apps, plus I can share them with others, easily post
PowerPoint presentations online, and create simple spreadsheets. I've even
got around to writing proposals on Google Docs.

Good article, Scott. Thanks for pointing it out!


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