question regarding print out of objects listing from the application browser

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Mar 12 21:53:31 EDT 2008

mfstuart wrote:
> Hi Jacqueline and Sadhunathan,
> Testing Jacqueline's script on WinXP, I found the "from rect (the rect of
> this cd)" value is from the top right of the monitor, (for the size of the
> card) not from the top right of the stack or card.
> So in the image you end up with the screen back ground, the RunRev menu bar,
> and some of the stack as the screen shot, in my case.
> I looked up the Documentation for export snapshot and found that you need to
> use the windowID property of the stack in the export snapshot line to get
> images of the stack or card, in this case.
> But first place the windowID into a variable:
>   put the windowID of this stack into vWinID
>   repeat with x = 1 to the number of cds
>     go cd x
>     put "c:/temp/snapshot" & x & ".png" into tfilename
>     export snapshot from rect (the rect of cd x) of window vWinID to file
> tfilename as PNG
>   end repeat

Thanks, I shouldn't have posted it without testing first. Glad you put 
the correction into the record.

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