Should I have to check compiled programmes?

Len Morgan len-morgan at
Tue Mar 11 13:45:57 EDT 2008

Is it possible that the button that causes the problem is the last one 
(or first one - i.e., a boundary condition)?  If so, try adding a 
"dummy" number to the end or beginning of the list and see what happens.

len morgan
> It's nothing clever - just an mouseUp
> with generic code which is used by
> a number of other buttons - which all
> work. Just a matter of checking if the
> label "12" is in a list "10,11,12" and
> acting accordingly. It was in the list
> and the other numbers were found.
> As I said, it ran OK in the IDE so it's
> something that happens during
> compiling.
> /quote

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