Sorting a large field of data

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Mon Mar 10 18:54:34 EDT 2008

>  This might be an uphill battle for the remaining performance issues,
>  due to the nature of what I'm putting together. Although it's faster
>  to do all of the processing "behind the scene" in variables and such,
>  in this case I prefer to allow the user to see most of what's going
>  on. It's almost mesmerizing to watch this program work in real time,
>  so the marketing value sems like it might offset the overall speed I
>  suppose...

That is a very valid reason for leaving the screen unlocked. I had an
app that generated over a hundred small charts. By locking the screen
it could do it in a couple of seconds, but people preferred to watch
it all happening, even though it then took over a minute.
>  ...besides, that leaves the doors open for a "Pro" version a little
>  later for those that don't want to waste any time. ;)

You could easily add a checkbox so the users could decide whether they
wanted to watch or to have it happen fast.


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