Team Development / Exporting stuff to text files

David Bovill david at
Sun Mar 9 08:49:34 EDT 2008

Sorry the question was cut off....

What things - tools or actions would help produce more community produced
> libraries?

   - Jabber
   - Google Data
   - Google spread sheets
   - Google docs, calendar, picassa etc
   - KML
   - Flickr
   - YouTube
   - iCal / vCal
   - Blog XMLRPC api's
   - RSS / ATOM
   - JSON
   - OPML
   - ....

To that list you could also add cgi/RevOnRockets based web applications, or
robust flexible widgets like trees, forms and form controls, image and video
widgets, outliners, image browsers, remote file browsers...

In terms of the libraries listed above and there are many more the majority
do not exist, in terms of the stack based projects or controls listed - you
can in general after a bit of searching around find a lot of community
provided stacks that do something like you want - you can take them apart
and learn from them, and relatively quickly code your own thing. All that is
great - but we miss out not being able to grab an open image browser widget,
or customise a RevOnRockets Blog, or use a JSON library. What would help?

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