Geometry Manager Reset

Bill Vlahos bvlahos at
Sat Mar 8 13:46:54 EST 2008

We all know the Geometry Manager (GM) is finicky but my needs have  
been pretty simple so it has worked OK for me.

I have a similar layout on a number of cards in my stack but the items  
on each card are different and I didn't pay enough attention as I  
placed buttons and fields on each card before I enabled the GM to  
either move items up or down or resize the bottom and right sides of  
fields. Now that I am cleaning up the stack getting ready for release  
I want to align the items better.

However, when I move a button or field without first disabling GM for  
it things go crazy with items moving themselves seemingly at random.  
This means that it requires a lot of trial and error if I forget to  
remove GM before I move them. I don't think there is anything I can  
set in Rev to make this not happen (please let me know if I am wrong)  
because there isn't anything obvious to me to set.

Is there a way to remove GM from multiple objects at once? If I select  
more than 1 item in the IDE the Geometry property is no longer  

Bill Vlahos

BTW there is a plugin from F. Rinadli called revGridDisplay available  
from RevOnline that makes it easier to put items on a grid which is  
going to help lining things up.

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