Rotate and scale images

Henk van der Velden henk at
Thu Mar 6 04:25:11 EST 2008

Good day all,

I'm having a hard time rotating and scaling images.
When scaling an image and then rotating it (set the angle), the scale  
is 'lost'. Whenever the angle is changed, the image size is reset to  
the formattedheight / width.

How can I handle this?
Do I have to recalculate the minimal circumscribing rectangle every  

And what in case the image is rotated already and then I want to  
scale it? When using the normal horizontal / vertical scaling, the  
image gets skewed. Do I need to script the whole mathematics of this?

Kind regards,

Henk v.d. Velden
iGlow Media
Magda Janssenslaan 36

0031 (0)6 16 024 337

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