Testing Revolution 2.9 Beta

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Mar 5 14:10:15 EST 2008

Richmond Mathewson wrote:
> So, fired up the new Beta and, Hey-Presto found a bug
> that has not been sorted out since it was reported way
> back with 2.7.
> I called it "6030" because I was naive enough to think
> that all pre-2.9 bugs would have been ironed out long
> ago as no commercial software firm likes to be seen
> selling buggy products do they ? so didn't do a
> preliminary bug search.

LOL.  That bug describes a circumstance in which a Rev IDE window used 
internally isn't being initialized if opened in the App Browser instead 
of how the IDE uses it.  For its intended purpose it seems to work just 
fine; I've seen it in action in an installation not long ago.

The best solution for that "bug" is to simply not open that stack in the 
App Browser with the expectation it'll do anything for you.  Leave it 
alone and it's fine.

If that's the most serious issue you're facing in your work with Rev, 
sounds like v2.9 is pretty damn good. ;)

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