how to print to file in landscape mode?

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Wed Mar 5 03:53:22 EST 2008

Hi Peter,

Have you tried setting the printRotated?

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On 5 mrt 2008, at 09:16, Peter Alcibiades wrote:

> Does anyone know why this would not work?
> on mouseUp
>  set the printPaperOrientation to "landscape"
>  set the printerOutput to "file:/home/peter/Desktop/"
>  print card "reports"
>  --put shell("kprinter /home/peter/Desktop/")
> end mouseUp
> I commented out the actual printing part, which works fine given  
> that the file
> is the right file to print.
> What this does is print to the file ok, but in portrait.
> To try to track this down, I did in the message box:
> set the printPaperOrientation to "landscape"
> put the printPaperOrientation
> the result is landscape.
> So, if the paper is landscape, why is the print to file producing a  
> portrait
> laid out ps?
> This is the root of the problem.  If I cannot get it to deliver a  
> landscape
> ps, then its hopeless.  If I can, then there is a workaround for the  
> printing
> problems.  This is 2.9 beta 5 Debian, as usual.
> In hope,
> Peter

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