Multiple instances of a window

Martin Baxter mb.userev at
Tue Mar 4 09:30:39 EST 2008

Steve Checkley wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm designing a document centric application. Is is possible to have Rev
> launch the same stack more than once i.e. create more than one instance
> of a window?
> I'm guessing that other than duplicating the same stack a few times or
> cloning the stack at runtime, it's not. Guess this particular method
> also means that unique global variables need to be declared for each
> window?
> Thanks,
> Steve


I think your guess is correct. The usual way to do this is to have an
invisible stack that serves as a document window template, and clone it
as required. It works well in my experience.

I would say that if variables apply only to a certain window (stack)
they would probably be better as local variables or properties of the
cloned stacks rather than global variables. But it might depend on your
specific situation.

Martin Baxter

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