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David Bovill david at
Mon Mar 3 10:30:22 EST 2008

I use a similar technique for storing stacks in SVN. When scripts are saved
I have hooks which also export text files to SVN and write out metadata for
indexing purposes.

I started with XML files, but as most of the changes were script based and I
wanted the code readable and documented I moved the scripts into their own
text files and use XML for the interface. I am not yet using the XML
interface stuff - as I don't find it useful. I am at the moment storing
binary stacks for minimal interface components ("views") and use text files
to describe combinations of these into more useful and complex compound

On 01/03/2008, Mark Wieder <mwieder at> wrote:
> Dave-
> Saturday, March 1, 2008, 3:43:43 AM, you wrote:
> > I found the best way to handle this was to export all the script as
> > text files and them to a compare/merge of the source code and import
> > the text files back into a "master" stack that is used to build the
> > standalone application. For example:
> That works fine as long as you're only dealing with script changes,
> but not for UI changes. What happens if one of the developers needs to
> add a field or a button to a stack? What happens if it makes more
> sense to move a handler from a card script to a new button script or
> vice versa? What if one makes a new custom property? Or worse, makes a
> setprop handler for it? None of these are insurmountable, but they
> take human mediation to resolve.
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