maxWidth resizes but not maxHeight - Which is right?

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Mon Mar 3 16:20:08 EST 2008

Hi Tom,

The maxHeight and maxWidth don't change the stack's size immediately.  
These properties only affect the actual window size if the user  
resizes the window manually. So, at the moment when you press the  
button, your script does nothing. Only if the user has manually set  
the height to the mexHeight, the script will have an effect the *next*  
time the user resizes the window. What do you need this script for?

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille


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On 3 mrt 2008, at 22:13, Thomas McGrath III wrote:

> Is there a reason this script causes the width of the stack to  
> shrink when the height is not 800 BUT not the height.
> What I mean is that this script will not adjust the height at all  
> and will not enlarge the stacks width but when the height is 800 it  
> WILL resize the stack window to the 450 maxWidth and no others?????
> on mouseUp pMouseBtnNo
>    if the maxheight of this stack is 800 then
>        set the maxheight of this stack to 650
>        set the maxwidth of this stack to 450
>    else
>        set the maxheight of this stack to 800
>        set the maxwidth of this stack to 700
>    end if
> end mouseUp
> Thanks Tom

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