quick question about splash stacks

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Tue Jul 29 03:37:04 EDT 2008

Hi Andre,

This doesn't work. Opening a corrupted stack doesn't throw an error.  
You need to check the result.

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On 29 jul 2008, at 06:11, Andre Garzia wrote:

> Peter,
> as Richard said, stack corruption is rare but if you truly want to
> check this kind of stuff, why not use a simple try/catch block?
> try
>  go stack "I am as corrupt as the brazilian goverment"
> catch n
>  answer error "the stack is dizzy"
> end try
> this will make sure the stack is actually a stack but it can't verify
> if the stack content is right, you might want to do further checks. If
> your stack never changes, you can compute a checksum from the
> stackfile and store it somewhere for comparing.
> Andre

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