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Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Mon Jul 28 19:32:28 EDT 2008

semi-urgent reply...
I think your best answer would be to use an Applescript

do commandLines as Applescript
put the result into possibleErrorMessage

tell app "Finder" to set the creator of fileOnHardDrive to "8BIM "
tell app "Finder" to set the type of fileOnHardDrive to "TIFF "

(don't for get the Rev function  revUnixFromMacPath() and

Ken Ray has excellent help on his SonsOThunder site

Hope this helps,

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 7/28/08 3:55 PM, "Sivakatirswami" <katir at> wrote:

> Aloha,
> semi urgent...
> Recent upgrade on the fab photo processing tool DXO got us in trouble
> because it's outputting .tiff files with no resource fork and dropping
> the creator and type on OSX 10.5.4
> The  pre-press team is asking me if i can write a widget to poke  TIFF
> and 8BIM back into the type and creator slots of the resource fork...
> Anyone know if we can do this in revolution?
> I see this:
>   put myStoredResources into URL "resfile:myFile"
> but rev docs don't expose the resource file data structure. Can anyone help?
> Thanks!
> Sivakatirswami
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