How many libraries do you use in your apps?

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Tue Jul 22 03:06:29 EDT 2008

--- Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:
> Just curious:  there are 50 slots available for
> libraries at runtime - 
> what's the greatest number you've ever shipped with
> an app?
> I've never used more than about a dozen or so
> myself; I'd be interested 
> in hearing if anyone's exceeded 25, or gotten
> anywhere close to 50.
> -- 
>   Richard Gaskin
>   Fourth World Media Corporation

Well, when I was setting up a big project, my original
scheme was to have one library stack per 'entity' - so
a library for everything to do with customers,
suppliers, articles, general accounts, etc. Not
exactly a one-to-one mapping with all the database
tables, but still plenty of library stacks would have
been needed.

As soon as I realized it was going to take more
library stacks than allowed, I took a different
direction, 'clustering' the libraries - not a problem
because Revolution allows for really long scripts (as
opposed to HyperCard's 32K limit) so this could be
easily compartmentalized.

Of course, I could have also padded my scripts with a
check-load-use-unload cycle - but it would have been
more convenient if I could just have them all loaded
into memory at the same time and as different files on

Jan Schenkel.

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