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Phil Davis revdev at pdslabs.net
Mon Jul 21 19:55:13 EDT 2008

Andre Garzia wrote:
>> My question is: Do you have any realistic suggestions that someone like me
>> can do to change things around?
> Be the best person you can be. Teach others. Learn to Cook. Go Green.
> Write a book.
> =)
Here's another suggestion, to quote St. Augustine: "Love God, then do 
what you want." If you put things in that order, you'll probably end up 
doing what Andre said, or something even better!  ;o)

But wait a minute Richmond... aren't you already making a difference in 
those kids' lives AND their parents' lives? Even if you're just giving 
reason for hope, that's very powerful! A little hope goes a loooong way.

Phil Davis

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