Looking for USB remote control ...FRONTIER TRANZPORT

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at barncard.com
Mon Jul 21 23:30:22 EDT 2008

Here's the (hard to find) paper on the TRANZPORT interface specs...


>Perhaps you can adapt this device from the music industry:
>they talk about 'other applications' --  I'm sure they have a SDK.
>TranzPort's native MIDI protocol specification is publicly 
>available. If you don't break out in a sweat when you read about 
>sysex messages and MIDI controller values, then this might be useful 
>to you in three ways:
>	*	Many programs let you specify MIDI parameters from 
>external controllers directly, or indirectly via a "learn" mode. So 
>even if a program doesn't have explicit TranzPort control, you might 
>still be able to tweak some of its parameters, or control its motion 
>from the next room with a TranzPort.


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