A Little Menu Issue

Len Morgan len-morgan at crcom.net
Sat Jul 19 12:20:09 EDT 2008

Thanks Jacqueline (I don't know if you like your full name or "Jackie")

I subscribe to the "digest" version of the list and I don't know how to 
respond to your answer with previous contents unless I subscribe to the 
"individual message" mode.

The "menuMouseButton" was the first problem.  That is now working the way
I expected it to...sort of.  I'm still getting my "going to" pop-up message
and then immediately "back from" pop-up message in my debug window while
the menu is being displayed.  Shouldn't a pop-up be a modal window that
locks all other interaction until a choice is made (or escape is pressed)?

I also still have the issue of knowing which line the user was on when
they right clicked (so I know what name to change).  Do I need to save 
the line number the mouse was on in the field BEFORE I send the popup

Also, since the mouseUp handler in the field that calls the popup is
continuing without waiting for a response from the user, where is my 
menuPick message in the button supposed to send the selection the user
made? To another handler in the field that is responsible for putting
up the Add/Edit/Delete screens?  Is the mouseUp handler "done" after
it has issued the "popup" command to my menu button?

Thanks again!

len morgan

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