idlerate it not the same between mac and windows

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Jul 19 11:16:33 EDT 2008

Ludovic Thébault wrote:

> Why with this script, and on a fld with several small images, windows  
> is really fastest (1-2 sec)  than macos (7-8 seconds) ?
> ## btn script
> local idrat
> on mouseUp
>     set the idlerate to idrat
>     send descendre to fld "fleurs3"
> end mouseUp
> on mousestilldown
>      put the idlerate into idrat
>      set the idlerate to 2
>      send descendre to fld "fleurs3"
> end mousestilldown
> ## field script :
> on descendre
>   if the vscroll of me + 1 < the formattedheight of me-115 then set  
> the vScroll of me to the vScroll of me + 1
>   else set the vscroll of me to 0
> end descendre

This may or may not be related to the idleRate.  You could best check 
that in isolation, by simply getting the value of the idleRate on each 

Performance differences across platforms are often related to the 
underlying OS routines for redrawing elements on screen, which is what I 
suspect is the major player here.

I've seen many cases where Windows outperforms Mac in screen redraws. 
The Mac is often prettier, but those 16 layers of buffering come at a price.

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