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Mark Smith mark at
Sun Jan 27 19:58:54 EST 2008

Ian, just out of interest, what's the MakeOSXShellPath function for?  
It simply returns it's input with single quotes around it here:

input:    /Users/marksmith/Desktop/370 Manual/370a.jpg
output: '/Users/marksmith/Desktop/370 Manual/370a.jpg'



On 28 Jan 2008, at 00:31, Ian Wood wrote:

> On 27 Jan 2008, at 04:55, Sivakatirswami wrote:
>> If it were Apple Only it would be so easy, but we need a cross  
>> platform solution. Andre is looking into SIPS (yes if you have  
>> code we could use it!)
> See below for some sample code. ImageMagick would do things like  
> resizing on multiple platforms, but I've not used to know how much  
> installation is involved.
>> and he is looking at a VB /ASP solution for Windows.
>> But, at least for version 1.0  if photos are coming in at 2.5 Megs  
>> of smaller (typical for my users) a clean native transcript  
>> solution for the downsizing and preview thumbnails is not all that  
>>, scale down, write image data to a new image and save  
>> out... if you do it as invisible.
> To be honest I've lost track of the maximum pixel dimensions that  
> Rev can deal with in image object without having to use a QT player  
> object instead. I just remember having problems with anything  
> bigger than about 6 megapixels. The file size has nothing to do  
> with it.
>> Professionals tend to be speed addicts and they can't stand it.  
>> they want the computer do everything right now...
> Only too true... ;-)
>> So then we only need to write a small bit of IPTC data, data,  
>> caption, author of caption, that's about it, keywords  
>> possibly...back into the files... so that's were EXIFTools comes in.
> That makes life a lot easier.
> SIPS stuff:
> function ijwAPLIB_SIPSRotateImage tInput, tDegrees, tOutput
> if tDegrees = 0 then return true
> put ijwAPLIB_MakeOSXShellPath(tInput) into tShellInput
> put "sips -r" && tDegrees && tShellInput into tScript
> if tOutput is not empty then
> put ijwAPLIB_MakeOSXShellPath(tOutput) into tShellOutput
> put space & tShellOutput after tScript
> end if
> return shell(tScript)
> end ijwAPLIB_SIPSRotateImage
> function ijwAPLIB_SIPSImageInfo tPath, tInfo
> put ijwAPLIB_MakeOSXShellPath(tPath) into tPath
> put "sips -g" && tInfo into tScript
> put space & tPath after tScript
> get shell(tScript)
> return last word of it
> end ijwAPLIB_SIPSImageInfo
> function ijwAPLIB_MakeOSXShellPath tPath
> put "set tOut to quoted form of POSIX path of tPath" into tScript
> replace "tPath" with quote & revMacFromUnixPath(tPath) & quote in  
> tScript
> do tScript as applescript
> put the result into tNewPath
> delete char 1 of tNewPath
> delete last char of tNewPath
> return tNewPath
> end ijwAPLIB_MakeOSXShellPath
> Type 'man sips' into the terminal for a list of properties that can  
> be retrieved, 'pixelHeight' and pixelWidth' are particularly useful  
> for seeing if an image is small enough to load into Rev without  
> using a QT player.
> The shell path function isn't particularly pretty, but it works...
> Ian
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