First answer gets an Amazon gift certificate (seriously)

Mark E. Powell runrev at
Thu Jan 24 17:21:06 EST 2008

Gotten no responses to my last couple of posts, so I am resorting to shameless bribery.  First one who can tell me how to get this to work without using anything external to Rev gets a $25 gift certificate to Amazon. In the event of no workable solution, I'll be using the gift certificate myself to purchase the new best-seller "Character Encoding and You" by Tomás de Torquemada...

Is there any way to get Rev to intelligently handle (i.e. respect and preserve) Windows file and folder names that have diacriticals, when using 'the files' and 'the folders' functions? 

I am still on Rev 2.8.0 Windows.  Standalone should run on W2K and later.  This lack of diacritical support is a deal-breaker to me.


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