Cards vs Listfield/custom properties revisited

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Thu Jan 24 17:01:46 EST 2008

> While this has always been fast enough for me, I am trying to learn
> better ways to do things, but after trying such things as filter with
> or match etc, I have found no way do something that has the same
> result as "mark cards where ...". Is there anything that would have
> the effect of the (apparently not possible) command "mark lines in it
> where ..."? I suppose it would look something like this:
> put the mData of this stack into gData --loads that big custom prop
> somehow get rid of lines where something is not in a certain item of
> those lines
> set the tempData of this stack to gData
> do things with the tempData of this stack

The filter command could be very useful here.


put gData into tFilteredData
filter tFilteredData with "*" & theStringYouWant & "*"

This gives you all the lines containing your required string. You can
then do Jacque's suggestion of looping through and finding the exact
item matches, but this will do a first search that will reduce the
number of lines.


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