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Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Jan 24 01:28:40 EST 2008

Recently, Devin Asay wrote:

>>> I'd like to know, who's the brain trust (dare I say genius?) who
>>> decided that folders in the dock should display icons of their contents,
>>> rather than the folder icons themselves.  I'm quite curious what was
>>> behind this (idiotic) decision.

>> Yes, that was a completely crazy idea. I made myself folders inside
>> the relevant folders, called them " Apps", " Docs" etc (note the
>> leading space that makes then sort to the top) and gave these folders
>> the same icons as the folders they were in. This gives me a much
>> better representation of the folders/
> Lots of folks are looking for ways to fix this problem it seems.

The following is a good solution for Apple's UI decision-maker:


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