is there a way to set environment variables from Rev?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Jan 23 23:47:32 EST 2008

Andre Garzia wrote:
> Aloha Folks,
> we know that if we use the $ keyword we can query environment
> variables but how do we set them?
> I want to set $QUERY_STRING for using it in RevHTTP, this would enable
> me to run other application cgis from it, such as python and the like.
> Also, can I change the contents of STDIN?

I don't know about STDIN but this is from Mark Waddingham a couple of 
years ago, maybe it will help:

> You can both read and write to shell variables in Revolution. So the
> following:
>   put foo into $FOO
>   put shell("echo $FOO")
> Results in what you would expect in the message-box :o)

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