Equalizer in player?

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at barncard.com
Mon Jan 21 15:19:01 EST 2008

did anyone see this comment from Kevin Miller in Bugzilla @568?

------- Comment #1 From Kevin Miller 2003-10-03 09:20:50 [reply] -------
Thanks for the feature request, I'll add this to the feature request list.  In
the mean time you can
do this with the MIDI builder stack that comes with Revolution 2.1, or with an

MIDI builder stack?

>Trevor DeVore wrote:
>>On Jan 21, 2008, at 2:38 PM, Jim Sims wrote:
>>>tell application "QuickTime Player"
>>>  open my_track
>>>  set my_movie to first movie
>>>  set ts to time scale of my_movie
>>>  set current time of my_movie to my_seconds * ts
>>>  set rate of my_movie to 1.5 -- starts playing
>>>end tell
>>>tells QuickTime Player to start playing   at 1.5 times the speed. 
>>>Note that the pitch is unaffected -- only the playback rate 
>>For this to work a special flag must be set when the hosting 
>>application opens the QuickTime movie. Revolution does not set that 
>>flag when it opens QuickTime movies so AFAIK you cannot get 
>>playback  without pitch shift.
>For your voting pleasure:
>Request to be able to set the pitch of players:
>Request for the movie intialization Trevor mentioned above so he 
>could handle this for us with his external:
>  Richard Gaskin


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