When does table-cell crop text vs. not crop text?

rgould8 at aol.com rgould8 at aol.com
Sun Jan 20 20:06:57 EST 2008

I'm passing data to a text-object that's set up as a table in Revolution, with hard-tab-stops at certain intervals.? I'm having problems, however, when I do a:

set the htmltext of field "picklist" to url <wheredataiscomingfrom">

All my data comes in nicely, however, in some cases, I'm finding that the text in column #1 crops just where it should, but other times, the text bleeds over the table-cell into the cells to the right.? I'm having a hard time figuring out what the rules are.? (I thought just having tabs between the cell-data would keep each column separate.? I do have a lot of <b><font> type text coloring data coming into the table, however.? Perhaps Revolution expects the tags in the cells to appear in a specific order?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

By-the-way - - - I've been to the Revolution listserve archives, but I don't see a way to do a "search" of these archives.? Is that possible?

- Rob

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