Relaibly detecting a successful save in Windows

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Sun Jan 20 15:42:07 EST 2008

Hi Steve,

Unfortunately, I can't save over a network at the moment but I made  
an experiment:

on mouseUp
   local tStart
   put the milliseconds into tStart
   save this stack as (the filename of this stack)
   put the milliseconds - tStart
end mouseUp

I ran this test several times with a fresh new stack then adding some  
large images to it:
Obviously, saving delay was completely related to the weight of the  
5 ms for a blank stack until 100 ms after having added some large  
Conclusion: saving is blocking at least on the same machine.
Now over a network, I am not able to test at the moment :-(

Le 20 janv. 08 à 19:57, Stephen King a écrit :

> Hi Eric
> Yes I am aware of this and the first attempt had the test directly  
> after the
> save. The delay was put in to see if this cured the problem.
> I think you missed the point though. The problem I have is that  
> saving over
> a network can take some time, several seconds and it seems that Rev
> continues straight after the save command but the result is only  
> updated
> with a fail if the save itself times out or hits some other  
> problem. This
> can be several seconds later and until this time, the result is  
> empty. By
> the time it comes back, Rev is well gone!
> I wonder.. not tried this but can the result be set by script  
> before the
> save command , then Rev updates with either empty or unsuccessful  
> at the end
> of the save. Won't work if Rev modifies the result when the save  
> command is
> issued.
> Such as:
> Set the result to "saving"
> Save this stack
> Repeat until the result is not "Saving"
> End Repeat
> Test the result...
> Can't test this myself unfortunately as I'm not accessing the PC  
> with Rev on
> it..
> Cheers
> Steve
>> In order to get a reliable value in the result function, the result
>> *must* be tested immediately after the command:
>> save this stack
>> if the result <> empty then...
>> No code between these two lines. Never.
>> If you need it, you may write:
>> save this stack
>> put the result into tResult
>> <additional code>
>> if tResult <> empty then...

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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