Reliably confirming a successful file save in Windows

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Sun Jan 20 05:17:43 EST 2008

Hi Steve,

In order to get a reliable value in the result function, the result  
*must* be tested immediately after the command:

save this stack
if the result <> empty then...

No code between these two lines. Never.
If you need it, you may write:

save this stack
put the result into tResult
<additional code>
if tResult <> empty then...

Le 19 janv. 08 à 19:53, Stephen King a écrit :

> Nothing clever, started with simply "Save this stack.." and test  
> the result,
> then added a 5 second wait to see if this helped, but even this is not
> reliable in testing the result (certainly not in the case of the  
> trying to
> save over a file with read-only attribute set).
> case "Save"
>     --Insert script for Save menu item here
>     Save this stack as "Form.rev"
>     -- commented out as not reliable
>     --set the visible of field "Saving" on Card "Main" to True
>     --wait 5 seconds
>     --if the result is not empty then
>     --answer "Save Error" with "OK"	
>     --else
>     --answer "Save OK" with "OK"
>     --end if
>     --set the visible of field "Saving" on Card "Main" to false
>     break
> I'll have a go at migrating to 2.8.1. I just installed it this  
> afternoon.
> Cheers
> Steve

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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