Another Revolution?

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Fri Jan 18 20:44:37 EST 2008


(deleted some stuff that you're right about and we agree on anyway)

> For example, if I run a copy of Malte's Drops game on my machine here, and 
> you run yours there, it doesn't matter that our computers don't share any 
> data.  We each enjoy the game anyway.
> So if Malte rewrote Drops in JavaScript or Flash, it's still the same game 
> and still works just as well as it did before, your copy in your browser 
> and mine in my browser.
> But if instead of Drops we were playing Chess, then we'd need a connection 
> between us.  As Rev stacks we could use ports, but as JavaScript in a 
> browser we'd have to go through a server.

Think of it this way: if Drops were a web-based game using the current rev 
engine for cgi and you opened a web browser and started playing, one of two 
things would happen: 1) you'd only be able to make one move at a time and 
then the game would reset to its initial state (cgi); or 2) if I also 
started playing at the same time our games would get hopelessly intermingled 
(fast-cgi). The alternative would be (Malte: are you listening out there?) 
to add code to Drops to keep track of who's playing, their game state, and 
enable cookies on the browser to keep track of session information.

> Did you get a look at how to make a TileStack app?
> Is there also a way to deploy desktop standalones?
> What distinguishes TileStack from other visual web development tools?

...don't know these answers yet... stay tuned

> Or maybe an ever better question:  Could there be an opportunity here for 
> the folks at TileStack to collaborate with RunRev for porting applications 
> between the web and the desktop?

...ah... now there's the *real* question...

 Mark Wieder
 mwieder at

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