handler: error in statement

mfstuart mfstuart at cox.net
Wed Jan 16 11:28:10 EST 2008

So here's the exact RunRev error message:

Type - Handler: error in statement
Object - Results
Line - go card "EditRecord" of stack "names"
Hint - mouseDoubleUp

When I click the "Script" button from the RunRev Errors dialog box, it
hilights the following part of the script...
    go card "EditRecord" of stack "names"

And I am using the global gRecord  statement.
On the "EditRecord" card, I have the following scripts:

global dbConnID,gRecord

on openCard
end openCard

on closeStack
  --no script here
end closeStack

on getRecord
    if gRecord is a number then
    put "SELECT NameID,FirstName,LastName,Address,City,State,ZipCode,PhoneNo
FROM subprimeNames WHERE NameID = " & gRecord into rSQL
    put revDataFromQuery(,,dbConnID,rSQL) into theRecord
    set itemDel to comma
    put item 1 of theRecord into vNameID
    put item 2 of theRecord into vFirstName
    put item 3 of theRecord into vLastName
    put item 4 of theRecord into vAddress
    put item 5 of theRecord into vCity
    put item 6 of theRecord into vState
    put item 7 of theRecord into vZipCode
    put item 8 of theRecord into vPhoneNo
  end if
end getRecord

on setFields
  put vNameID into fld "fNameID"
  put vFirstName into fld "fFirstName"
  put vLastName into fld "fLastName"
  put vAddress into fld "fAddress"
  put vCity into fld "fCity"
  put vState into fld "fState"
  put vZipCode into fld "fZipCode"
  put vPhoneNo into fld "fPhoneNo"
end setFields

So what causes RunRev to stop and raise the error?

Mark Stuart

mfstuart wrote:
> Hi all,
> This error (see subject) happens when I double-click on a table field of
> data that has an "on mouseDoubleUp" in it.
> The idea of the script is to get the ID value (item 1) and place it into a
> global variable.
> Then go to a card to edit the record.
> Here's the RunRevScript:
> on mouseDoubleUp
>   set the itemDel to tab
>   put item 1 of the selectedText into gRecord
>   go card "EditRecord" of stack "names"
> end mouseDoubleUp
> Anything wrong with this script?
> 3rd line causes the error.
> With some testing, I did the following to get this to break - to cause the
> above error:
>   Created a New Stack
>   placed a button on the card
>   created a card named: "EditRecord"
>   added a script for the button: "on mouseUp"
>    script:
>      go card "EditRecord"
> That's it, and it works.
> As soon as I put this script (go card...) into the table field and use it
> there, the above error occurs.
> Any help is much appreciated.
> Thanx,
> Mark Stuart

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