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Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at sosmartsoftware.com
Wed Jan 16 10:39:57 EST 2008

Hi Mark,

As said Mark Schonewille, getting the complete error message would be  
better :-)
But here are some clues:
I assume that gRecord is declared :-)
I assume also that 'there is a card "EditRecord" of stack "names".

If it is the case, I suspect that you run some code at openCard or  
preOpencard of "EditRecord":
Probably the error comes from: or gRecord does not contains an  
expected value or there is some error in the code that manipulates  
Hope this helps.

Le 16 janv. 08 à 03:34, mfstuart a écrit :

> This error (see subject) happens when I double-click on a table  
> field of
> data that has an "on mouseDoubleUp" in it.
> The idea of the script is to get the ID value (item 1) and place it  
> into a
> global variable.
> Then go to a card to edit the record.
> Here's the RunRevScript:
> on mouseDoubleUp
>   set the itemDel to tab
>   put item 1 of the selectedText into gRecord
>   go card "EditRecord" of stack "names"
> end mouseDoubleUp
> Anything wrong with this script?
> 3rd line causes the error.
> With some testing, I did the following to get this to break - to  
> cause the
> above error:
>   Created a New Stack
>   placed a button on the card
>   created a card named: "EditRecord"
>   added a script for the button: "on mouseUp"
>    script:
>      go card "EditRecord"
> That's it, and it works.
> As soon as I put this script (go card...) into the table field and  
> use it
> there, the above error occurs.
> Any help is much appreciated.
> Thanx,
> Mark Stuart

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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