adding Menu in IDE MenuBar

Thierry 00bioarchimed at
Fri Jan 11 05:27:34 EST 2008

Bonjour Eric,

> Xavier is right but I think it's possible to modify revMenubar  
> stack every time your plugin launches without saving this IDE stack  
> (people will not like that and I agree :-)

Can't be loved by everyone :-)

and it's a personal tool at the moment,

This brings another general question....
             Am I the only one to need this feature ?

> Just take care of the fact the this stack is locked.

Ok, thanks.

>> While it is not that hard (you can use the application browser to  
>> see what
>> and where), i wouldn't touch the IDE. Instead, I would make a sticky
>> window or palette sporting your menu - It would be more  
>> compaitible with
>> future versions of the IDE and you wil have more room for exansion  
>> if need
>> be... The reason is that if the IDE is updated, then you might  
>> have to
>> change your plugin.
>>> when starting a private plug-in ( in Rev IDE ), I would like to
>>> add a new Menu in the standard MenuBar IDE....
>>> Well, is this easy do to so
>>> without breaking, or having to learn all  the internal logic of the
>>> IDE ,
>>> and if yes, any hints ?

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