Creating .icns files on Mac.

Luis luis at
Wed Jan 9 04:44:46 EST 2008


I've used Pixel ( with its icon template. Nice  
licence: Licenced to you, not the machine. Multiplatform too.

I used Pixen ( some time ago, but can't see if it  
does what you need.

LiveQuartz, Mac only ( can read icon files. I  
haven't updated that in a while, so not sure if that can save also.



On 9 Jan 2008, at 03:55, Chipp Walters wrote:

> Well, my MacBook came backed fixed. Turns out they pretty much gave  
> me a new
> Mac, including a new hard drive and the Leopard OS. Gone is my dual  
> boot
> config, Parallels and Photoshop, plus all my files. Not too big a  
> deal as it
> is all backed up.
> But...Since Photoshop 7 doesn't run on Leopard (did on Tiger), I  
> need to
> find another alternative to creating .icns files on the Mac. I can  
> create a
> standard 128 x 128 png on the PC and would like a program to  
> convert it to
> the requisite Mac .icns file...any ideas? I certainly don't want to  
> upgrade
> my old version of Photoshop for only this function.
> So, what are you all using for this sort of thing?
> Also, where do I find BootCamp on Leopard? I thought it came pre- 
> installed.
> TIA, Chipp
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