Finding duplicates in a list

Bill Marriott wjm at
Wed Jan 9 03:57:49 EST 2008

Hi Ian,

I have a couple ideas... Would you be able to upload a sample list 
somewhere -- the result of ijwAPLIB_getAllChecksums() -- so we could try it 
out and measure? Also, just want to double-check that you intend to produce 
a list of duplicate items, not a list of uniques.

- Bill

"Ian Wood" <revlist at> wrote 
in message news:3E1F0603-98FC-4F54-8259-E56C048FF3C9 at
> The problem - trying to find duplicate files in a database (Apple 
> Aperture), and have found a checksum column for all the image files.
> I've had a go at writing a handler to find the dupes and it does OK,  but 
> wondered if the bright sparks on the list have any advice on  speeding it 
> up it...
> [snip] 

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