New User Doc Whine & What?

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Mon Jan 7 10:17:44 EST 2008

At 1:40 PM -0600 1/3/2008, Ken Ray wrote:
>(Also, as a side note, the "Synonyms" for glossary items would make me
>thing I could use these in code somewhere, and of course I can't use
>button's or buttons' in script anywhere. BTW: What are the benefit of
>the Synonyms to the user?)

The synonyms are there to allow the glossary to find variants (and 
typos) used in the docs text. (For example, you would want "button" 
and "buttons" and "button's" to all link to the glossary entry for 

Why they are now exposed to the user, I have no idea. But that's why 
they were in there in the first place.

(As a side note, topics that answer this question ["How to find out 
the highlight state of a checkbox or button" and "How to change the 
highlight state of a checkbox or button"] used to be in the docs, 
linked to related topics. So was a list of object properties for each 
object type [hard to generate now because some of that information 
has been removed from the dictionary]. The separation of the User 
Guide lets people have a PDF - a highly desired/demanded change - but 
it can make it harder to find specific things because the docs are 
not all in one place and can't be linked together or searched for 
globally as easily.)
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