standalones again -- problems

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Sat Jan 5 15:48:01 EST 2008

Sorry, coming rather late to this thread, which may already have been solved.

> 1. The Win build will not open in a resizable window.

I seem to remember there is an issue with Windows not allowing
resizing unless the window decorations are set to default.

> 2. Because of problem 1, I inserted in the preopenstack handler some
> resizing commands to avoid the problem of the stack window being
> larger than the working screen rect, which it turned out to be on one
> smaller PC screen:

I've never used "the working screenRect" but I have used "the
screenBoundingRect" successfully for this sort of thing.

> 3. I have an option list (a menu button of style "option") as a
> navigation tool. On the Mac build, clicking on it drops down the list
> of recipes; selecting a recipe from the list sends you to that card,
> and typing a letter moves the hilited line to the first recipe
> starting with that letter. Also, hitting <return> is equivalent to
> clicking the currently-hilited line, again requiring no scripting,
> and the scrollwheel (or two-finger dragging on the Mac trackpad)
> scrolls the list as necessary, again no scripting needed, and up and
> down arrowkeys move the hilited line (no scripting). AFAIK this is
> expected behavior and is built into the way the option-menu works.
> The Win option-menu is not fully functional: the list appears OK, and
> you can scroll it by dragging the scrollbar (not present on the Mac,
> BTW), and clicking on a line takes you to the correct card, but the
> scrollwheel does nothing (though it works with scrolling fields), and
> <return> does nothing, and typing a letter on the keyboard does
> nothing, and arrowkeys do nothing. Also, the current recipe is not
> hilited when the menu drops down (it is on the Mac) although this is
> scripted by setting the menuhistory on mousedown.

I'm not sure if this is relevant, but again, I have a vague memory of
the menuMouseButton needing to be set to 0 on Windows for option
buttons to work correctly.

With the arrowKey handler, when you change the menuHistory, it may not
be doing anything because the popup button is open like a menu. I know
that on Macs anyway, when a menu is dropped down, it's like a modal
dialog - everything stops until you choose. Option buttons may be the
same, although that is just a guess.


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