advice on a Rev-plus-internet setup (off-topic)

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Fri Jan 4 04:30:40 EST 2008

Hello List,

I would like to transpose what my school is now doing
on a local network to the internet, but I'm not sure how
to go about doing it.

At present, when our students start one of the Rev-based
applications, the information that that application requires is
retrieved from a local server in the form of text files. Namely,
the student types their name, and then the application uses
that ID to retrieve an index (in text form) from the local server ;
the index is used by the application to refer to images and
sounds stored locally on each computer.

Similarly, results generated by the use of some of those same
applications  are sent back to the same local server, again in
text form. By "results" I mean scores. The applications are
game-like and so, like rankings, the scores are used to display
each student's current hi-score.

The change I'm after is to have the same applications retrieve
and send those text files via then internet. That way, students
from other schools too could participate in my school's programme.

In terms of the internet, I imagine this would mean that Rev would
"communicate" somehow with a database, with the "communication"
consisting of both the retrieval as well as the updating of the

In addition, teachers too would need to access that database (or
databases) in as *easy* a way as possible, since the text-based
indexes must be preset before the start of each class.

My guess about how all this would work is that Rev would be
communicating to a web-server via MySQL. But, I don't
really know.

Any pointers would be welcome.

Thank you, as always.

Best regards,

Nicolas Cueto

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