[OT] Gorilla Marketing

Malte Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Fri Aug 29 08:50:23 EDT 2008

Dear Richmond,

if you have something to say to me, I always have an open ear for you,  
but do not try to be subtle on me, k? Does not work for non native  
speakers. I at least have the guts to address the kid directly without  
posting some vague messages. (Left out smiley intentionally)

The "subtile" note your message brings across to me leads me to the  
conclusion that you did not get the point. If he wants to use my  
artwork this is not a big deal, I am pretty relaxed about copyright. I  
am not the suits and would not go unleashing the bloodhounds on the  
poor kids parents. However there is something the kid id propably not  
aware of, but which truly gets me upset. I do not want to pay for  
somebody elses cosmetics! If that makes me a gorilla, fine. If it does  
not fit your open sauce attitude also fine. You know me long enough  
from this list, to be able to judge that I am always willing to help  
out with stuff. If I am asked. Actually you used some of my stuff in  
your early demo stacks. You cared to ask me and that´s fine. I would  
not not have bothered if you wouldn´t have asked, as you did not put  
the hand in my wallet. So it would be unlikely your usage of my stuff  
had the potential to drive me out of business. I still have to pay for  
the traffic on my server and a *linked* image on a youtube profile can  
go terribly wrong. Each time that boys profile is viewed he causes  
load on my server that I have better use for. Now let him do the next  
"big thing" there and I will be unable to feed my family.

Now, if you feel like it, continue being "subtle". <g>


> Frankly if some teenage boy feels the urge to pinch the registered  
> logo of my language school and use it in the background of a YouTube  
> movie I would be tickled pink.
> When things go wrong is when 'Gorillas' (we have a lot in Bulgaria;  
> especially in Parliament) pinch logos and use them for vicious  
> marketing of some completely unrelated product.
> sincerely, Richmond Marketing

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