Slightly OT - finding time

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Fri Aug 22 16:06:11 EDT 2008

Dear Bob,

I was  away to take some rest then I reply a bit late.
First thanks for the kind words for all of us.

Second, as last thread about polling the mouse showed it, even if we  
are able to propose sometimes clever responses, we always have to  
learn from each other and stay humble when we make mistakes :-)
That's the real quality of this list: people who want to learn and  
people who want to share are the same :-)
This is just humanity.

Le 14 août 08 à 02:43, Bob Earp a écrit :

> Dear Eric, Chip, Ray, Scott, Sara, Devin, Andre, Klaus and all of  
> the other incredible and regular contributors to this list (sorry I  
> can't list you all), you must obviously have invented a new time  
> machine and are only sharing it between you.  I need it !!
> I find barely enough time to scan digests and maybe once in a year  
> answer something before at least 10 of you have provided solutions  
> and wisdom I could only dream of.   Not only that, but you find  
> time to write tutorials and example stacks, and then sit and  
> discuss the merits of one solution over another.  Sheesh... I  
> wish !!  How do you do this ??
> I know its been said before (and hopefully Kevin Miller is reading  
> this), but without all of you Revolution would have gone the way of  
> Oracle Media Objects.  He should at least give you all free  
> lifetime upgrades if not shares in the company.
> On behalf of the rest of us (and I think I'm in the majority  
> group), many, many thanks for helping on a daily basis.  No,  
> correct that, it's generally on an hourly basis !!
> Warmest regards, Bob.

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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