missing a basic with drag

H Baric hbaric at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 06:20:50 EDT 2008

Isn't it as simple as this:

on mouseDown
   grab me

Works for me... is it meant to be more complicated?

(Hehe, sorry everything else has been so far, I'm a n00b too!)

*** I wasn't going to send this now I'm very happy to see that it was indeed 
correct woohooo! :D


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I think I am missing some basic setup for providing a function with which
the user can drag around an image on the card (to position the img for
printing) What I did is:

on dragStart

    put the name of the target into gDragTarget - global


on dragMove

    set the loc of gDragTarget to the mouseloc


I get the dragStart trigger, but the image doesn't move. Do I have to set
any property of the image to be draggable? (I found this property only with
stacks, but not objects.?) What am I missing?

Thanks for any hint to a still beginner :-)


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