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H Baric wrote:

> Sarah I had no idea the numbers were related like that, interesting thanks 
> for explaining. I tried out your function and mostly it worked, but 
> sometimes it outputs a less-than-6-digit html color which causes an error 
> when setting the backcolor of say a button to tHTMLcolor

Take a look at the "numberformat" property. This property sets the 
number of digits both before and after a decimal point. There are lots 
of options, but the most important thing to remember is that it will not 
work unless you perform a mathematical action on the variable. If you 
don't want to change the variable's value, just add zero to it:

   put baseconvert(r,10,16) into r
   set the numberformat to "00"
   add 0 to r

This gives you a two-digit number in all cases.
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